Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Are You Ready? We’ve taken this beyond a vision; we’re operational.  We are establishing our incident-free culture and bettering it daily.  Our in-depth competency program and certified, integrated approach to managing health, safety, environment, and quality allow us to provide each employee a detailed competency profile and personal training plan.

We believe the best way to achieve an incident-free culture is to invest in each employee, and personalize his or her training. This way, all employees know what is expected and what they will be learning in order to improve.

Our competency-based education and training focuses on concrete skills used every day. Every individual skill—known as a competency—is a single unit, and each employee is evaluated on competency to ensure he or she has complete understanding of the skills required. How does this benefit you? You get peace of mind, knowing each worker has a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make your vision a reality.

Are You Ready?