Waiward’s experience in structural steel fabrication, construction, engineering and drafting and our commitment to safety, quality and scheduling allow us to reduce risk for our clients. The result: greater peace of mind for our clients, who can trust us to deliver exactly what they need when they need it.

From start to finish, we meticulously organize every project for extreme efficiency. When materials reach their destination, they are properly itemized and sequenced, drastically reducing field labour time. We are passionate about giving our clients the best products possible with delivery and service they can trust.

Why choose Waiward? We have worked on some of the most challenging sites in the world, giving us unmatched experience and expertise that allows us to reduce or eliminate safety incidents, quality challenges and schedule delays.

This is how we do it:

Our People

Waiward has one of Canada’s largest and best-trained structural steel fabrication and construction crews, in addition to the most knowledgeable and meticulous engineers and draftsmen. We work hard to maintain a company culture that is rooted in caring, safety and respect. We empower our employees and work with them on an individual basis to develop their skills, so we can collectively exceed your expectations.

Waiward has taken a unique approach to creating and implementing both our integrated management system (IMS) and our competency program, which are tailored specifically to each individual employee.

Waiward’s IMS covers all aspects of our HSEQ program, creating a myriad of opportunities to remove duplication of procedures and controlled documents, to simplify employee training and, finally, to improve the total installed cost of projects for our clients.

Our IMS is linked directly to our competency management and professional development program, providing an integrated approach to managing health, safety, environment and quality. We believe the best way to achieve an incident-free culture is to invest in our employees and personalize their training with competency-based education and a detailed competency profile.

The continuous improvement and achievements of our workforce translates to projects executed in a safer, timelier, and more effective manner for our clients. You get peace of mind, knowing each worker has a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make your vision a reality.

A Passion for Project Management

With end-to-end services, Waiward provides engineering and construction expertise from the early stages of planning and design to procurement, fabrication and installation.

Engaging Waiward in the front end planning of a project helps to reduce overall project costs by optimizing design, mitigating delays and ensuring accuracy. Our 360° project view allows us to expertly plan and deliver with the highest level of efficiency, quality and safety.

We understand that strategic partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors are integral to delivering cost effective solutions for our clients. We make it easy for you to get the steel you need. Our one-stop-shopping service provides a cost-effective purchasing model, allowing our clients to contract services for the entire scope of any project.

Engineering and Drafting

Waiward’s full-service engineering and drafting division is run by some of the most knowledgeable, professional engineers in the industry. Our goal: to optimize your designs, streamline the communication process and incorporate innovative approaches, so your structure is completed on time and on budget.

Our process begins when our team of engineers, designers and senior project managers meet with EPC and project owners to gain an initial understanding of project goals and to advise on the effectiveness and feasibility of the design. Once the design is finalized, project requirements get communicated across all departments, providing a full, comprehensive and collaborative project scope.

Our Engineering services include:

  • Structural steel connection design
  • Onsite engineering services
  • Welding engineering
  • Erection engineering—including fall protection
  • Project specification analysis
  • Lift studies

Our Drafting services include:

  • Structural steel detailing
  • Design build
  • BIM management
  • 3D modelling
  • DSTV and DXF files for cutting and drilling requirements
  • Shop, erection and anchor bolt layout
  • Reporting, including ABMs, bolts and other required, specialized reports

Procurement Power

At Waiward, we know strategic partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors are integral to our success. We develop and maintain purchasing sources around the globe, so we can deliver the most effective services and adapt to changes in project scopes and schedules.

For decades, our procurement department has forged long-term, supplier relationships in order to provide our clients with outstanding service.